I stood in front of the stove stirring dinner in the cast iron pan, my baby within arms reach smashing cheerios into her high-chair tray, and my toddlers sat occupied for a blessed 20 minutes until their show ended. I smoothed away stray hairs from my messy mom bun and sighed as I listened to my favorite podcast: the hope*writers podcast.

“The true hope*writer is brave enough to move toward what makes her come alive.” These words spoken by Emily P. Freeman resonated through my phone speaker and tugged at this nagging feeling I’d been living with for months. This nagging feeling in me that said, You need to share your writing.

Despite the demands of raising little ones and the numerous health challenges I’d been facing, I’d find small spaces of time within the “cracks” of my day to steal away with a journal or my laptop. I often found myself lost in my thoughts, hands busy scrubbing in a sink full of dishes, musing over the next thing I’d write about. Either late at night or during nap time I could be found hovered over my keyboard writing. In these small “cracks” of time throughout my day, I discovered writing was one of those things that made me come alive.

I’d dismissed myself so many times before. I’d write longer posts on social media sharing meaningful life experiences, and I’d prerequisite myself by adding “I’m not a writer” to the start of the post. I feared I wasn’t good enough. On one occasion, one of my friends commented “You’re wrong about one thing: you are a writer.”

In my late-night writing sessions a passion kindled and I discovered my gift for sharing through the written word. With Emily’s words whispering in the back of my mind, I purchased my first domain name, and started publishing blog posts publicly.

Fast forward three years later, and I am still going after this writing dream of mine. I’ve helped other writers in an editorial capacity. I’ve networked with numerous other writers who I now call my friends. I’ve collaborated on writing projects including a book. I have been published as a guest contributor for a number of online publications, and have been invited as guest on numerous podcasts. I have the opportunity to encourage other people like me who find themselves staying up late at night to put their words down on paper (or a screen), because they’re brave enough to not ignore the nagging feeling deep inside to just write.

hope*writers gave me the tools and confidence I needed to share the message in me. I know this is a journey I’ll be on for the rest of my life, because I know I was called to do this.

Perhaps you relate? Maybe you find yourself elbow deep in a sink of dishes with a gaggle of kids underfoot, yet you cannot ignore the nagging feeling inside of your soul that knows you have a message to share.

You have a message to share, and a reader to serve.
You have a life story that will serve as the survival guide to those who come after you.
You have a legacy to leave your family within the pages of a book— your book.

I am certain of one thing: that feeling will never go away. You are a writer, and if you haven’t yet, it’s time to start calling yourself one.

If your story is like mine, and you’re just starting off with a dream— let’s talk.
If you’ve already been writing and publishing for awhile, but want to take your writing career to the next level— let’s chat.
If you’ve already written your book and desire to continue serving your reader in a meaningful way— let’s connect.
And if you write, but find that the writing life feels lonely— please, reach out!

In my work with hope*writers I have the privilege of connecting with other writers to help them gain clarity on their next best steps moving forward. I’d love to help you!

Emily P. Freeman said it best when she said, “The true hope*writer is brave enough to move toward what makes her come alive.”

If writing is what makes you come alive, then it’s time to bravely take your next step and snag a time to meet on my calendar below. Book a short call with me, and we’ll talk about what it is you write about, where you’re at in your writing journey, and how to get to where you’d like to be next.

You are a writer, and I believe in you.