Mary Kate is a powerhouse of hope, even while living with an autoimmune disease.”
-Nicole, O’Meara, founder of the online community “Living Faithfully with Rare & Chronic Disease”

Having walked through the hopelessness of receiving a chronic diagnosis, Mary Kate is passionate about autoimmune recovery and the unique benefits of functional medicine. Her message helps women overcome the hopelessness often associated with a diagnosis, and discover God’s heart for His people to experience wholeness in body, soul, and spirit.

She’s also helped numerous writers find clarity in their unique writing journey in her previous work at hope*writers. Whether during 1:1 coaching calls or live workshops, Mary Kate helps writers figure out their next best steps toward progress.

Talk Topics

Hope + Wholeness: How to live whole, even when you feel broken
– Learn how to become your own best advocate.
– Gain an understanding about what symptoms reveal.
– Practical steps and insights for walking in wholeness.
– Leave equipped with tools designed to deepen understanding of your health.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan
– How to implement a short-term anti-inflammatory diet to kickstart healing.
– Unique physical benefits of implementing this plan.
– Gentle ways to begin without becoming overwhelmed.
– Recipes and healthier substitutions.

How to Establish a Reliable Writing Routine
– Practical tips on how to establish a daily writing habit.
– Learn how to cultivate a rich writing life.
– Discover how to make the most of your current life season to make writing progress.

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“Show Me Your Glory” Christian Hills Church / Women’s Banquet / April 27, 2018

“Scripture tells us plainly that Moses had much on his plate, yet we find him focused on the One thing that mattered more than anything else. It’s found in a simple 4 word request: “Show me your glory.” Moses walked in such intimacy with God. The same type of intimacy that God desires every person who has ever lived to experience with Him. When we receive such revelation from God: of His love, His goodness, and His glory we partake in the process of being transformed more into His image and likeness–which is to be for the world to witness.”

Mary Kate Brown


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